9th Robinsons Supermarket Fit & Fun Buddy Run 2016

Robinsons have always been promoting wellness for Filipinos and that advocacy hasn’t changed in their 9th Robinsons Supermarket Fit & Fun Buddy Run this 2016. It is my 3rd consecutive run accompanied by my dad as my buddy.

Team Floresca
My parents and I have been actively participating in several runs each year every time there are opportunities to do so. However, due to my brother James' disability, one of us have to stay behind to care for him at home. Mostly, only three of us can join races. But, unlike last year's run, we were fortunate to be able to bring two of my brothers in this year Robinsons Buddy Run.

barefoot runners

Although our parents knew it was going to be a challenge bringing James to the venue, we really wanted him to experience joining a fun run in his wheelchair. Thankfully, the weather was favorable and we were able to pull it off, thanks in part to the shuttle that Stratworks provided for us and other bloggers from the South area.

winners of the 10k race
While our eldest brother had work (night shift) that morning, it was a joy being able to run as a family despite my Kuya's absence. My dad and I ran in the 10k category while my mom and youngest brother ran 5k while pushing James' wheelchair. The 10k route was fairly difficult because of the Kalayaan flyover but, fortunately, the 5k runners didn't have to pass through it.

it looked like we went grocery shopping!
To my knowledge, the Fit & Fun Buddy Run is the only run that requires two people to cross the finish line together. And since this run is organized by Robinsons Supermarket, a lot of people are inspired to join because you get a bag at the finish line jammed with grocery items. I hope, though, that the products will not be the only motivation for them to run, but more so to improve their health. 

Philippine Volcanoes rugby team
It was overall an enjoyable event with lots of stalls for food and beverages, along with a few celebrities who provided entertainment. Mostly, we are thankful for the blessing of having James with us this time. Definitely, we are looking forward to next year's run.

* Additional photos courtesy of Running Photographers

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