Oishi Snacktacular 2016

Oishi lovers can now celebrate with the return of Oishi Snacktacular 2016 that brings back all of its exciting booths filled with Oishi goodness.

Sam Purvor and Ramon Bautista with Oishi's own Cuckoo Bird

Last year's event was held in Trinoma, which made it quite far for most of us living in the southern areas of Metro Manila. So I was very glad to know that they managed to meet us halfway and chose SM Mall of Asia Music Hall as this year's venue to cater to those of us who live in places such as Alabang as many of us really find it difficult to commute to Quezon City most of the time.

Make your own Snack for only 20 pesos!

Entrance is free at Oishi Snacktacular. Upon entering, you can start at the first booth where you Make your own Snack for the price of only 20 pesos. You will be given a list where you can choose to combine from select snack bases and flavors of your choice in one pack. Next to this booth is Pack & Pose, where you and your friends can gather for photo ops.

Catch a glimpse of history on World of O'Wow!

On the other side of the entry arch, you can read about Oishi's colorful history and learn more about different Oishi snacks found all over Asia at Oishi's World of O'Wow!

Quench your thirst at Slush C+ for only 20 pesos!

Before we headed for the bigger stalls, we quenched our thirst first at the Slush C+ drink stand for a C+ slushee with a choice of calamansi or pomelo, which can be bought for 20 pesos.

Watch my experience as a human claw! 

Have you ever wondered trying to become a human claw, strapped on a huge crane vending machine over a pool of Oishi snacks? Having played quite a few crane games, the anxiety in getting a toy or snack is widely apart, compared to Oishi's Snack Catcher. Having only your body as your instrument, you really need to maintain a good form, when grasping dozens of Oishi snacks with your arms and legs. Otherwise some of the snacks could just easily fall.

Bagged full of Oishi snacks at Snack Catcher!

Luckily, both mom and I scored a decent number of packs that filled nearly three big paper bags from our first booth. Being as the crowd favorite, it was first of one of the larger booths my mom and I lined up to, as we expected it could be longer later on if we waited. The booth's fee is 200 pesos, which you can easily recoup if the snacks you grabbed exceed the value depending on your body and wits. In case not, you still get to experience being a human claw for a day and that's an awesome experience in itself!

Fill your own Oishi bag in 60 seconds for 295!

Like the Snack Catcher, Snack Shack is another cool booth to look out for. For 60 seconds, you can fill a 2-foot Oishi Bag of your preferred design with an assorted variety of Oishi snacks of your choice. Unlike the Snack Catcher, Snack Shack gives you a limited time to grab your favorite Oishi snack that could fill your Oishi bag. Depending on how carefully you pack, you need to fit all snacks you grab while being able to close the bag, otherwise a pack you grabbed could just be returned to the shelf. My mom and I split at the moment, as she went for hers and dad's favorite Oishi snacks (Gourmet Picks and Ridges) on the left side of the shelf, while I made use of my time more on the shelves with snacks my brothers and I like (Oheya, Pillows, Bread Pan, and Wafu). The time limit really brings the thrill in being able to choose any of Oishi's snacks and I really had fun picking my favorites as well. For the price of 295, you can definitely make the most out of that one minute.

Pick your choice of toppings for your Choco Chug ice cream for only 20 pesos!

After almost a couple of hours of standing in lines, we then went to the O'Twirl booth, where we briefly enjoyed our Oishi Choco Chug ice cream with choice of two toppings for only 20 pesos.

Alex Gonzaga having a blast at the Cuckoo Blaster!

Last, but not the least, we visited the Cuckoo Blaster booth, which was the newest addition to showcase none other than Oishi's Cuckoo Bird. You play by dressing up in Cuckoo Bird fashion, then catch and collect as many balls you can into your suit with the support of large mitten-like gloves. The number of balls you collect (if I remember correctly) is equivalent to the number of snack packs you can get. Out of all the booths, this one was probably the hardest but at 100 pesos, it is worth giving a shot.

Team O

The event, hosted by Sam Purvor and Ramon Bautista will be in MOA for only three days. We got to catch members of Oishi's Team O including Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Alex Gonzaga, Slater Young. We didn't see Elmo Magalona but heard newest member, Maine Mendoza, will be making an appearance this Sunday. So if you are a fan, make sure to catch her on the last day of the event.

Strike a pose at Oishi's Pack and Pose booth!

It was my first time joining Oishi's Snacktacular event and, overall, the experience for almost the entire afternoon was enjoyable. All activities within the hall were filled with joy and excitement. Despite the long day, we got to bring home bags full of Oishi snacks for my siblings and dad. Despite the long lines in some booths, it was still worth having experienced Oishi Snacktacular 2016 to the fullest.

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